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Feminine Frequency Retreats are in-person retreats incorporating arts, wellness and mind-body-soul connection with a focus around sisterhood.  For open-minded, out of the box, genuine women only....Not your typical women's retreat! 

How did Feminine Frequency  start?

During the pandemic, I found myself on a journey for self-love.  I made time to meditate, journal, practice yoga and work with a coach to ultimately invest in myself and find the love that was always there.  One evening, after meditating and journaling about a time I felt most loved, I remembered something that I had known for many years now.  My higher purpose is to create space for women.  This is what I always did best and where I vibrated at my highest frequency.  So, I put thoughts into action and hosted my first Feminine Frequency virtual event on March 1, 2021.  The first event was so successful and well-received by the 40 plus attendees that I produced a second one in May.  Both events allowed women to come together and share in a vulnerable, safe space focused on sisterhood along with arts, wellness, and mind-body-soul connection.  We smiled, laughed, cheered, inspired, connected, and practiced.  After that, I decided that it was time to work on the next part of my vision which I knew during this whole process, and that was to develop and produce my first-ever in-person retreat.  And here I am...And here you are…..

The Leading Lady

Sarah “Smalls” McCann grew up with two things in her blood – music and entrepreneurship.  From a young age, she grew a love for music and performance, doing theatre and dance and ultimately finding a love within the underground music scene and hip-hop culture as a bgirl and choreographed dancer.  Simultaneously, she found a niche in being an entrepreneur starting a mobile DJ company with her friend in middle school and producing music events in college which led her to what she believes is her higher purpose – creating space and community and ultimately connection between others.  She created an all-women’s artist collective called Sisterz of the Underground after a very successful, sold out show she produced in 2001.  This was the beginning of her life.


She spent the next 5 years focused on performing, battling with her bgirl crew, producing shows, working on a record label, managing a dance company, bringing women together and co-founding and directing DEF ED, a hip hop education program that served over 3,000 youth a year in six counties of the Bay Area.


Life’s choices changed her path and direction and brought her to Los Angeles in 2006 where she began a new career in Event Sales and Travel and Tourism working at the Legendary House of Blues, Jillian’s,  Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, iFLY Indoor Skydiving and then landing at Smart Destinations, a Boston based company that is now Go City and is one of the largest global producers of multi-attraction passes.  She is currently the Senior Regional Director responsible for destination and partnership development for all of California for Go City.  Alongside her full-time job, she serves as President on the Board of Directors for the Tour & Travel Marketing Association of Southern California (TTMA) and as a board member on the California Travel Association.  


In 2018, she found a run group in Los Angeles called Keep It Run Hundred that introduced her to a whole new life and passion and reminded her of the importance and power in creating community.  Being part of the LA run community and finding connection in other LA based run groups, has inspired her to run full marathons, run on a regular basis with her 9-year-old daughter, and even participate in a couple of triathlons. 


They call her “Smalls” for a reason.

Sarah triathlon 10.25.20.jpg
Sarah & Raji Pasadena half Jan 2020.jpeg
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