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Life gets busy at times, After training for a marathon this retreat was perfect. To not perform, to relax and just to be. To be surrounded with women that were after the same thing, To become who they’ve always dreamt to be. Rest is so important, I got to rest. It was so therapeutic.



The itinerary was so well thought out and planned with experts who truly cared about inner beauty, health and wellness, both physical and mentally. The vegan food was absolutely delicious and had me feeling energized and healthier. Sarah is the hostess with the most! The collective of women were so filled with love and were non judgemental that it allowed me to feel liberated to just be authentically me. Such an inspiring and uplifting experience! Thank you again Sarah for putting your heart and soul into building such a beautiful and powerful community of women!!

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Heather "HT"

As both an attendee and expert at the feminine frequency, I had no idea what to expect. The only type of women’s retreat I’d heard of was ones that were based around yoga or silence. Not being a Yogi and a social person at heart, Neither of those options interested me. So when feminine frequency began to develop I was certainly intrigued. I took a look at the experts involved and I was surprised at not only the ethnic diversity, but the activity diversity. Everything was on the schedule from painting, to FITNESS, to breath work and meditation to journaling AND yoga. We even had African dancing and belly dancing. UNHEARD OF. what even better is this was a judgment free zone where even the shyest of women were able to get out of their comfort zone and move their body. Oh, and the sound bath… The sound bath was the best sound bath I’ve been to thus far. I’ve only attended a couple but this one exceeded by far all previous ones. In regards to the feminine frequency professionals, I was impressed by the level of expertise in the room and the energy of the women. Feminine frequencies successfully brought together 18 women focus on literally raising their frequency. I thought this event was excellent and would highly recommend to any woman.

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This event changed my outlook out women's retreats completely. Sarah did a beautiful job catering to everyone's spiritual needs. I came to Photograph and gained so much peace and gratitude these last few days. I felt open and safe to just be ME.



I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to teach about feminine practices and healing to so many powerful women. Each and every woman who showed up on the Feminine Frequency Retreat had an amazing story and was doing something unique in their life. It was such a relief to be in good company and feel the support from all the women there. Not only that, as a yoga teacher, I found this retreat to be more diverse than others. All the participants were coming from different backgrounds. Some had experience with healing practices, some were new, but all were independent women who had a unique experience to pull from. We had women from all across Los Angeles, the country and then a few from Europe. We had a few artists, healers and even engineers. I think the diversity of the crowd was what made it so special. Coming together we had a lot of fun and I wish we could have been there for an entire week. As a teacher who has taught around the world, I really value the voices that ask questions, the diversity of a crowd and the fun we can all have together. It was one of the most energetic retreats I have ever taught at!

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Need more details....

As always, feel free to reach out to Feminine Frequency Retreats with any questions or any additional information you may need. 

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