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Enjoy custom cocktails by a Lil SUHmthin’ during the evening party

Dr. Christine Suh is a multifaceted individual with diverse experiences in various fields. She is an accomplished Special Education consultant and small catering business partner at Baryo. Additionally, she serves as a non-profit board member of the Shero Collective, property manages and loves to curate events and serve as mixologist using her own line of homemade/organic simple syrups, a Lil SUHmthin’. Dr. Suh, aka Shorty is driven by a passion for preparing marginalized youth populations for post-secondary life and empowering them to fulfill their purpose in life. She is committed to building community and celebrating uniqueness and diversity in all aspects of her work. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Shorty is a powerful force for positive change in the lives of those around her.

Christine has been serving as mixologist at gatherings of family and friends since 2013. When Baryo began hosting pop up brunches and dinners in 2016 at her home in Long Beach, she naturally became the host mixologist pairing menus with cocktails/mocktails. She has continued to serve as mixologist for private parties and events and decided to enroll and earn her bartending certification in 2021 from the National Bartending School. Over the years, Christine desired to increase her efficiency in making craft cocktails, especially in a pop up type setting while still offering a variety of options. A lil SUHmthin’, was birthed through this process- Combining fruits, herbs and spices into homemade simple syrups made from locally, organically grown produce. Local, as close as her backyard and those of her friends and family. Dr. Suh believes that everybody needs a lil SUHmthin’. Whether that is a nod, smile, hug, listening ear, words of affirmation or time with blood and chosen family over a good meal, hand crafted beverage and dessert.

Pour and mix a lil SUHmthin’ into any beverage of your choice, whether that is still and sparkling water, soda, tea or liquor. You can even drizzle a lil SUHmthin’ on your ice cream, shaved ice, pancake, waffles or favorite dessert.Depending on your mood, you can pour a lil SUHmthin’ sweet, sour, spicy, refreshing, tart or smokey.


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