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Visual Artist

Enjoy a sip or puff & paint experience led by Reanna Ruby of Ruby's Paint Social

Ruby’s Paint Social is a fun creative experience of painting in a group setting with others who enjoy getting creative together. This workshop will be a Step-by-Step instructed live painting experience hosted by the artist Reanna Ruby. The lessons are tailored to accommodate all levels of experience from entry level or first time painters to fully experienced. We welcome and encourage our guest to let loose, have fun, socialize and express their artistic outlet through a therapeutic art session. If chosen, each participant will have a choice between 2 glasses of wine or a pre-rolled cannabis joint to enjoy during this workshop.

Reanna Ruby is a Native Apache Chicana Artist located in Riverside, Ca. Born in Torrance, Ca she has been honing her skills in Figurative Oil Painting since early high school. Originally beginning her career in the field of Civil Engineering focusing on City Planning, Civil Engineering Design, Drafting leading into Aviation, Aerospace and Space Machining Industry. Her lifelong passion of Figurative Oil Painting continued to grow before she decided that her Painting Career is what she wanted to have as her primary focus leaving the Aerospace Industry in 2019.

She began her figurative work practicing with local artists in All Prima Paint Sessions, a process of wet on wet painting during a live model pose. Her current work reflects Figurative style portraits combined with the foundations of her Contemporary Street Art. Her primary influences are her upbringing in Lowrider and Native American Culture, Graffiti, Typography and Drafting.

Reanna performs Live Art at Music events and Festivals completing Portraits Models while on stage alongside Music Performers and DJ’s. Her Portrait and Mural work has been commissioned across the U.S. and has participated in group shows all along the the West Coast.

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