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Dancer & Clairvoyant Hypnotherapist

Join Safyra for meditation and journaling

Safyra will be teaching Tao-Yoga Meditation and Journaling as a form of centering into the feminine energy body, de-stressing, rebalancing our organs and hormones as well as developing a more harmonious brain-body connection. Her background is in yoga, tantra and taoist practice. She has used these tools for a number of years in her work with women in the Middle East and other communities who are dealing with trauma and abuse. Many of the tools she uses are designed to rebalance our energy body and allow us to center ourselves and drop into our power.

Safyra works with women around the world with a strong focus on women in the Middle East. As a dancer she has a background in b-girling and capoeira and has more recently transitioned to hip hop & bellydance in an attempt to reconnect to her ancestry. As a healer she has worked with a term she coined “energy rehabilitation” where she works with people's energy fields to release trauma & strengthen and enhance their personal power. She has supported many women in healing trauma and clearing ancestral baggage in order to step into their intuitive power. The practices she works with are healing modalities based in energy or ‘chi’ cultivation through practices such as yoga & qigong that support in unraveling blockages in their nervous system and in their bodies. She has created a program called the Embodiment Method that was designed specifically around and for her work with women in the Middle East to open up their intuition and energetic centers.


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