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Vegan Chef & Dancer

Enjoy delicious food by Wholeseome Zen and learn some afro-beats dance moves by Zen

Plant-based Catering Services (WHOLESOME ZEN): Curating wholesome and plant based cuisine that is satisfying, flavorful, and fulfilling. Always made with LOVE.

Afrobeats with Zen: Traditionally led dance class that travels through the African Diaspora with a modern twist. All levels welcomed!

Zen originates from Jamaica Queens, NY. From a young age she was exposed to dance and fitness. Zen began dancing at the age of three. She is technically trained in Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, West African, and Modern. She also holds a first degree black belt in mixed martial arts: Thai, Mau Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Tai Kwon Do. In 2020, during the global pandemic, Zen took a leap of faith and started her business Wholesome Zen LLC. Her company is a reflection of all the skill-sets and passions Zen has acquired in her life. Wholesome Zen is a wellness and food service company that encourages people to ‘Discover what makes them feel Whole! She specializes in conscious vegan soul-food cuisine. Her mission in life is to continue dancing through her life journey, providing plant-based delicious meals, and staying grounded in the process!


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