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Yoga Instructor

Shani will lead you in a breath-to-movement Vinyasa flow that is beginner-friendly with intermediate options. It's for those who are unsure of yoga, but desire it's benefits.

My professional background is in marketing and communications. I have a Bachelor’s in Communications and Marketing and a Master’s in Journalism.

But my passion is yoga.

Yoga found me nearly 15 years ago on a search for alternative ways to deal with my fast-paced lifestyle of back-to back meetings, daily commutes, and networking events. I was overextended with happy-hours, sorority business and long work hours. The stress led to a series of panic attacks and doctor-prescribed medication. Yoga connected me to my breath and meditation and the panic attacks stopped on their own.

Today my yoga journey is about sharing this experience with others. I especially enjoy bringing the calmness of yoga to underserved and underrepresented populations in Baltimore and San Diego. I have been fortunate enough to extend my teaching offering abroad in Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

My beginner-friendly classes incorporate a vinyasa flow with intermediate options. It’s for those who are unsure of yoga, but desire its benefits.

Currently, I instruct in- person at Little Yoga Studio in downtown San Diego, Ca. I also host virtual classes online, for more information, visit


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