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Enjoy delicious food by the incredible Chef Cookie of Devine Expressionz

Chef Cookie is the owner of Devine Expressionz in Lake View

Terrace, California where, as the company name implies, she gives

full expression to her passion for different types of foods served

as a sensory experience. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in

Pasadena, California, Chef Cookie has created a loyal following for

private events where rituals around preparing and eating food are

further honored with exceptional aesthetics.

Raised in Pasadena, California, Chef Cookie embraces the diversity

of American cuisine while exploring flavors and textures, allowing

her intrigue with different types of food to lead her to explore,

innovate and delight the palate.

This passion and curiosity are embodied by Chef Cookie in flavors,

recipes and dishes from Creole gumbos and jambalayas to vegan

dishes and indulgently creative desserts for a growing fanbase at

catered events, private and special events, retreats, holidays and


Chef Cookie is also an avid calligrapher as well as a retired AT&T

research engineer.


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